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Copy course to work on it on other PC
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Sorry, misclicked. Here goes the question.
I use CourseLab at work, as I do at home. If I want to work on the same course, I usually copy the course on USB-Drive and pastes it in the folder on my other computer.

Problem: It takes like forever to get the course (including all files etc.) on the usb-drive. How can I boost this progress? Or is there any other possibility?
(turns increasingly important, because I want some students to do the same)
Ohhhh love an easy answer LOL
First install portable apps on the USB stick.
You get an added bonus here, Open Office write that lets you copy and paste tet without embedded rubbish in like the MS office family.
Next add an app ... Toucan
As well as encrpting it adds a neat little bit of functionality which is what you need.. Synchronisation.
If you use either update or equalise you can then keep the USB and HDD copies in synch :)

Thanks for your answer.
To put it in a nutshell: No solution, which the most students should be capable of :(

Well - then its going to take some minutes for them :)
Hi, AS,

or you can archive the course folder before copying (zip, rar - any type, even without compressing, just storing in one file). Flash-drive copy speed strongly depends on quantity of files to copy, one file will be copied much faster, than hundred of small files of the same size sum. In fact, flash-drive is a large diskette [:)]
Hi again
7-zip gives some very good compression ratios and is fast. It works well and installs cleanly on XP & Vista, in both the integration with windows is good.
It's also free with no nag screens like winzip.
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