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Bullet Not Working in FireFox
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I insert an Bullet Object in my slide. It works fine in the preview model and as well as IE Browser in the run-time model.

However, went I view it in the Firefox I got an error
"CallMethod: 003_blocklist ShowItem undefined"

Even I start a new module and put just one bullet object and nothing else, the error for Firefox still persist.

Can anyone help[:confused:]
Hi, chktsang,

It seems to be the bug [:)]
I tried to play with object's parameters and found that it only happens when object's built-in Effects is switched on. If you switch them off, then it will work in FF too. Just as quick fix.
Dear Slav,

Thank you so much for your help. The quick fix work fine for me.



Appreciate very much if anyone can give me advice even a quick fix on this.[:)]
I forget to mention that my Firefox is the latest version 3.0.9.

Please help, Thx.[:(]
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