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How To record Flash Video View Completion?
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Please accept my apologies if the answer to this question is something that is obvious, I am new to CourseLab.

I want to make viewing a flash video to completion one of the prerequisites that determine whether the module has been completed.

In the documentation under "Objects -> Complex Object -> Media -> Video Clip" an "End Of Media" object event is specified, but under "Objects -> Complex Object -> Media -> Flash-movie" no such event options are indicated.

Is there a way to record that a Flash movie has been watched to completion? If so, can you please tell me how, or at least provide some clues to follow up.

Many Thanks,
Hi Don
You could set a flag (change a variable value) maybe the best way would be to use a button to trigger the flash start. That will only tell you that the user started the player off but will be easy to set up.
It might work to add an action just after the player event to set the same variable to another value indicating that it has been been played through.
Thanks Nick,

Sorry for being dull, but I am not sure what you are suggesting? I'd like the player to work as standard, so that the "Play" button that is clicked is one of the player play buttons rather than something else that I add.

You know in the documentation where it sets out a list of available object events for the "Video Clip" media type;
"Objects -> Complex Object -> Media -> Video Clip".

Are these object events also available for the "Flash-movie" media type?

As for a variable (flag) to set I was thinking that perhaps viewing completion would be set as one of the module objectives. Is this what you had in mind when you referred to a flag?

Thanks again,
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