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Speech trouble. Please Help.
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Haven't found similar problem, so - I decided to make a new post.
Here's the situation: I've created a software teaching course - where mouse gestures show how to use different programm capabilities. Also I've made a lot of speech files in swf. Each SWF has it's own controls - so there was no need in any more functions. I just placed each SWF on the belonging slide. So here's the trouble - everything works fine, but after approximately 2 minutes - the sound stops - slides still change, but all the swf do not start, but after about another 20 sec - everything is back to normal again...somehow...then after 2 more minutes - same problem... Yeah and also - if you push pause button on the slide controls - the sound starts again, as if nothing happend...before the next 2 minutes occur that is.
I am really sorry if I am too confusing, but the trouble is - I am stunned, I tried everything, but nothing works.
I would really apreciate any help or advice.
Thanks a lot in advance!
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