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Someone can answer me something?

Is Course in SCORM 1.2 compatible with the Docent platform? Is the CourseLab compatible with the Docent Platform?


When appear the error : "Object error" what i need to do to correct it?

Hi, Fabio,

1. At least there were reports on using CourseLab-generated courses with Docent. The only thing: we do not recommend to use more than 20-40 questions per module for SCORM 1.2 courses, because of 4kB restriction on suspend_data field.

2. There are a lot of reasons this error may occur. Every CourseLab object has JavaScript part. Literally, this error means that some (browser's DOM, not CourseLab) object does not exist. Usually the reason is invalid placing of objects (for example, some navigation objects can be placed on master-slide only) or using actions on invalid events (for example, using DISPLAY action on slide's onstartdisplay event - when no slide objects are created yet), or...
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