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Publishing to my CourseLab
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I have tried to publish one of my Courses to the CourseLab site in these last three days, but without success.I always get that message that tells you that the IE canґt show the web page for three reasons: not connected to Internet, a problem with the website and a possible error in the address. I already checked the first and the third of these reasons, and everything looks fine. Is there any problem with the LMS server?. This is the first time that I try to upload a course. I just click the Storage option on my CourseLab, then browse to open my ziped file, but there is no luck. Can you help me to solve this problem ?. I would really like to share my course with the community of CourseLab.
Hi, Sergio,

Possible reason is hard disk failure on the old server. Failures started about a week or two. Starting from 21.Apr.2009 server is moved on the new hardware. Please try it now.
Hi Slav,thanks for your reply. I already could upload my Course. I recevied a message telling me that my upload was successful; but I still donґt know the url to view my course. ї Do I need anything else to browse it ?
Hi, Sergio,

Go to My CourseLab, select Storage link - you will see all your uploaded and imported courses. If the course is successfully imported, then you will see link Card, that leads to Course card. There you can change course options, preview course and assign the course to your friends or somebody else.
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