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64bit Compatibility
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Is CourseLab compatible with 64bit operating systems? Should l I be aware of any issues with these OS's? Thanks.
64 bit vista blocks write access to your "program files" directory. This causes problems when saving to "my templates" in the program files directory.

You can run courselab as an administrator to fix this.

This also causes problems if you need to distribute templates between computers, due to the paths being different i.e. c:/program files (x86)/
on vista 64bit and c:/program files/ on xp.

It would be great if courselab wrote its data to application data dir's in the users directory. Or perahaps a mechanism to share templates (I currently tweak the xml files by hand).

Hi, Sheldon,

At least, I have tried CourseLab on 64-bit 2003 server - it works there (in 32-bit mode, of course). Have not tested absolutely all features though.
I am not able to access any sub menus on the Toolbar. e.g. if I wanted to get to the sub menu of the Task Pane, I would select: View -> Task Pane, however when I do this, nothing happens. Is there something I should do. Thanks
The same happens with the right-click sub-menus
That's not so good Sheldon, it's possibly in the way that M$ explorer is either working or is set up. It still tends to be a core app component for much of the windowed apps and components where it forms the shell for the app window itself. I'm not sure there is much milage in actually changing setting though.
It might be worth running in one of the XP compatibility modes.
Is this on a box using IE7 or 8? Possibly having the compatibility engine running certainly on 8 might work.
The only 64bit OS's I have are nix so not much help there. I'll run up a virtual copy of VISTA or Swindles 7 in 64bit if I get some spare time and see what happens.
Thanks Nickj,

I just want to thank you guys for the help and suggestions that you have given me. As an update, Courselab worked much better after I installed Vista 64 SP2. In addition, I decided to try Win7 and I have had no problems so far. Just for your information, I am using IE8. Hope that this is useful to somebody.
Hi Sheldon, The RC candidate of Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) does work very well. I've not been able to seriously break either yet. Certainly a lot better than Vista.
I'm yet to be convinced by IE8, it's slightly better but still does strange page renders. There are distict problems with msxml, I have a commercial app that is very dependant on this.. it's now seriously broken :( That'll be a rea pain as it will need to be re-approved by the American FDA after it's rewritten to work on 8
Hi Sheldon
I've not heard of anyone running Courselab on a 64bit platform, then again I haven't heard anyone saying that it won't.
I'd give it a try and see if it works or not, and what if anything breaks!!
Thanks for the response Nickj. The issue that I have is that I about to get a 64bit OS and it would be a travesty to not have CourseLab function on it.
Thanks for the response Nickj. The issue that I have is that I about to get a 64bit OS and it would be a travesty to not have CourseLab function on it.
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