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Help me!
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Hello everybody! [:)]

I need help about one problem of access in CourseLab… I used the Docent platform and I published the courses in SCORM 1.2. When I access the course for the first time everything is ok… but when I access the course for the second time (in the same module and SCO, later that I finished) some errors appears in the close button, help button and contents button.

Errors Link: http://www.brimages.com/uploads/48/89af357637.gif

How can I resolve this? Someone has a solution for these problems? [:confused:]
Obs: This happened just when I have questions in the module.
Hi, Gabriela,

There are the first answers (it seems that your colleague have already posted it): <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/E0BDABCF554D145BC325758D004F3AC9/main_id/DEB1AE8A7B1B3576C3256FCF0055974C/extended/1/sid//did//forum.html">in this thread</a>.
I'm sorry i didn't translate the last sentence of the error.

The translate for "й nulo ou nгo й um objeto" is "It's null or not an object"

Thanks for help. But the problem is diferent. Because when i access the course for the first time, everything is ok... including the questions and score. But in the second access, after completed the module, the errors appear.
And we tested publish the course without questions and in this case the problems disappear, but we need to put this questions.
Obs: The questions doesn’t have score.
I don’t know… if you can send me some example of editable course I thank you.
The links with the errors images:
<img alt="Imagem Hospedada por bRimages.com - Hospedagem de Imagens!" src="http://www.brimages.com/uploads/42/01d23c1f67.jpg" width="363" />
<img alt="Imagem Hospedada por bRimages.com - Hospedagem de Imagens!" src="http://www.brimages.com/uploads/54/4bd818b2e5.jpg" width="363" /
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