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Big Errors
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Hi guys!
I live in Brazil and I work with CourseLab.
I published the courses in Scorm 1.2... And we use the Docent platform to publish the courses.
But we have some problems… when we access for the second time some errors appears:


And when we finished the Test I donґt know why, but a big error appears too:


How can I resolve this? Someone has a solution for these problems?
Hi, Fabio,

First suggestions:

1. CourseLab itself does not produce these error messages - it just translates LMS errors. Two possibilities:
a) Docent cannot handle score values greater than 100.
b) Docent compares raw score with module max score (if you did not change it in module settings - it is 100 by default) and generates error when raw score is greater than max. In this case you need to change max score value to real max score (count all scores in the module) for "total" objective in module settings.
2. Suspend_data error. SCORM 1.2 has defined at least 4kB limit on this field. If Docent strictly limits this field with 4kB, then your module has probably exceeded this limit. It can happen if you are using too many questions in your test (every question saves a bit of information in this field). Depending on questions, you may use 20-40 questions usually in one module. Problem does not exist for LMS that use "at least 4kB" approach (instead of "no more than 4kB") or in SCORM 2004 (where this field is defined as 64kB).
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