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run course again in moodle
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Can someone tell me how to run the course unlimited times for each student within moodle. I have changed the course setting within moodle to unlimited, but once the student has completed it will not let them play the course again - starts with the title slide then opens the end slide. Have I got to do something with the settings in courselab?
If you set the module as completed you should get an option to start the quiz again.

Use the action SET COMPLETION STATUS on your last slide.

Hi, Alison,

CourseLab run-time itself does not limit entries. But if LMS returns session data on loading, then module will always restore previously saved state. It seems that Moodle does not clear saved data from previous session. I'm not familiar enough with Moodle settings, but I think the reason is somewhere in Moodle. You need to force Moodle to clear session data on new entry. Otherwise module will always try to restore state.
BTW, there is also the simple solution: you can add "Start again" button on the last slide with action GOTO first slide attached to it.[:)]
That's a good idea - will try that. Thanks [:p]
Have you noticed that if you publish one ID created in course lab into Moodle and if you upload another ID into the same course area in Moodle it replaces the previous one? If you have come across any solution for this please be kind enough to share.
Thank you!
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