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The module loads fine on the server, but it does not close upon clicking the X.

Also, the course appears not to save the place of the student (bookmarking) when someone exits the course.

After moving to the end of the course and exiting, the course doesn’t mark complete in our system.

I would appreciate help with this.

Thanks, Andy
Hi, Andy,

1. The module templates are designed mostly for using in opened browser window with no controls. In this case X button will work. If you are opening the module in regular browser window (or tab) then X button will not work (browser security settings do not allow to close regular window without warning, sometimes even no warning)
2,3. Does "server" in your posting mean "LMS server"? Have you set the rules for statuses in module?

Yes, it is a LMS server.

I have set rules, but I am not sure if I have done it right.

Is there a standard setting to close the program and set the scores?

Thank you very much.

Hi, Andy,

Usually we recommend one of these simple sets of rules:
Var 1 - when initial completion status of "total" objective is "not attempted" - 2 rules:
- completion status "incomplete" when first slide is visited
- completion status "completed" when all module slides are visited
Var 2 - when initial completion status of "total" objective is "incomplete" first rule is no longer needed.
Note, that the order of rules does matter. Rules are evaluated exactly in order from first (top) to last. Therefore rules for "stronger" statuses (completed, passed) must be after rules with "weaker" statuses.
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