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Stopping sounds
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I'm a beginner in courselab and I'm developing a course. I've added speech in all the slides in order to the course can be heard and not just read.
I added the sounds through an video object type, in this way the user can start, stop, pause the sound when he/she want, but the problem is that I don't know how I can make the sound stop when you press "next slide" because the next slide navigation buttons are included in the master slide so I can't apply actions on them. Thanks in advance,

Hey Barbara - Im a beginner too and woudl be really interested to know exactly how you added your sounds through a video object type if you can tell me please- I have only been able to add it using the object properties boxes so far and inserting separate MP3 or wav files for each slide but there is no option for people to turn the sound off and on that way
Hi, Barbara,

if your Video objects are placed on different slides, then there's no need to look for stopping actions - all current slide object will be destroyed when proceeding to another slide.

Ok, I didn't know sorry. Lot of thanks.

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