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Hi all!

Short question: Does anyone know a method to activate the Replay-Button of the Navigation-objects WITHOUT clicking on this button? Perhaps with an action or Javascript? I wish to refresh the slide/frame with an action.

Many thanks for all answers!
Hi, mamonga,

GOTO action will make the same thing as Replay button click, if you set the same frame as target (or first frame of the slide if the slide consists of more than one frame). I.e. "go to self".
Hi, it depends why you are refreshing the slide.
If you want the page to just keep looping then add a timeline with an action after a defined time to reload the page would do it.
Hi Nick,

the reason for refreshing the slide is:
I have built a sound control which displays a different textbox on each slide if the sound is off (query of "$OBJ_ID.soundOn" on each slide in the before display action of each textbox). That runs very nice.
But on the slide I made the click on the Sound-Button (Master-slide!) the textbox responds only if I click the Replay-button after it.
So I would release it with an "Replay"-action.

Nick, do you have an solution for it, or am I completly wrong? (First I tried the display-action with a variable of the textbox-id, but this failed.)

Thank you very much for an answer!
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