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Importing Articulate Output
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Is there a trick to getting Articulate Engage .swf files into CourseLab? When the slide is played, CourseLab appears to be searching for linked resources in the Articulate interaction. I've tried placing the resources in the root directory and other locations but CourseLab can't seem to find them.
Hi Scott, it is quite probable that there are some other components needed to run these files.
SWFs should be stand alone but adding 'Articulate engage' could well mean that there are some proprietry files involved. This does rather run against the purpose of swf's but does leave you locked in which of course is to Articulates benefit as you are less likey to drop their product.
Can you get the file xxx.swf to run in flash or using flash player if you treat the file as a standalone. Possibly even as a simple single content in an html page??
If not then it looks like you are going to have problems exporting these to anything that doesn't use a proprietry articulate player.
If you can get the file to open in firefox you can use firebug to see just what it is doing and so if there any other elements in use.
Hi Scott, I've done a little research and I've found that the articulate swfs dependant on some external files. As far as I can gather the specific file is in a folder called language, the file itself is mydata.xml . It's possible if this file is put into the courselab at the same level as the swf or in its original folder so the file is one level down it might work. I suspect however that it won't as the statement calling the swf in courselab won't reference mydata.xml without you manually changing the courselab xml.
The addition would be after the swf is called and should be something like
myloadingdataXML = new XML();
myloadingdataXML.load("language/mydata.xml", "");
Again running the content in firefox with firebug for a local running module or an http analyzer if its server based might help.
Its probably best to make universally usable swfs using flash itself as this only ties you to the player not a specific platform.
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