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PPT import pack not working
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I have purchased your Powerpoint import pack. I am using Windows XP with Office 2007. When I am trying to import powerpoint, nothing happens.

I have removed the old Course Lab and installed the new version. I have removed & reinstalled the Powerpoint Import pack also.

Still the problem exist. I am using Microsoft Office 2007. Is that the problem with the MS-Powerpoint pack with Office 2007. Do I need to remove Office 2007 and install Office 2003 to function it properly....????

After selecting a .ppt file, when clicking "Next", the cursor blings two times as if its processing. After that nothing happens ....:-(

Please advice....
Hi, Arun,

have you received my answer via e-mail?
Hi Arun,
This might well be caused, as you've guessed, by the version of office you are using. Unless you tell it otherwise then office '07 will save in what M$ call 'Open XML' format. Unfortunately in terms of open it doesn't conform to the OASIS open document format, yet again M$ have tried to redefine the standards to suit themselves.
I would suggest that you open the document in '07 and then SaveAs for an earlier version like '03. You should then have an importable document.
Can you let everyone know if this works as I'm sure it will be of interest to others.

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