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audio publish - no audio
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I am developing learning Indonesian sequences. I have linked audio to words (Text) via onclick and sound. When I publish no sound files import into the package. Is there a trick I am missing?
Hi, sometimes courselab doesn't move files when it publishes, often this is a simple case of the files not being refreshed.
If you do find a sound or movie file is not displaying the first action to take is to look at the published module.
Open the folder called '1' and the folder inside that called 'images'. If you scroll through this you should find that your sound file is missing. If this is the case then just drag a copy of it (the sound file)into this folder and drop it to copy the file over.
If the file is there then delete the sound action in the page and then add the action again. Use the file source as the file that courselab has already copied to the module.
The best way to avoid this is to update the objects used in the module before you publish.
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