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Error message
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Hi there
I get the following error message when trying to move between slides using the drop down box. The course is published to CD at the moment for testing purposes.

A box pops open which says

'CallMethod: nav_001_selector JumpToSlide 'jumpto' is undefined'

All the slides are named - what does this error mean and how can i fix it?
Hi, Belinda,

This is listed bug in current CourseLab build (in the Selector object). If you switch off strict slides order setting in this module, it will disappear.
Already fixed in next coming build (will be soon).

I am trying to resolve this issue in a course created several years ago, and my client no longer has CourseLab software. Is there any way to fix the issue in the code directly, without regenerating the course?

Thanks, Zach
Sorry Zach but you should work from the original files.
It might be possible to change the XML file that holds the data for the module and switch off strict slide ordering there but without making a pair of identical modules and comparing the compiled files to see what the difference is in code it's hard to say. I'd say that it's probably possible but needs investigation.
thanks Slav!
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