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Does the mute button actually work? Whenever I start the module, then in the middle I click the (default) mute button, so of course no sound is heard. But if I click it again, no sound is still heard and it will be forever mute. Is there a workaround for this one?
Hi, Julirose,

Sound button is not actually MUTE button. It switch off sound capability, i.e. stops current sound and does not allow to start any other sounds (except for those that played by video object). I.e. it is global switch and it works as intended.

If you want to mute sounds (but not stop them), then you can use Video object for playing sounds (it has invisible mode and methods MUTE, PLAY, PAUSE etc.).
oh i see, so it's just a sound on sound off... i cant use the video object coz it's too tedious. I got narration on each frame, (90 frames++) and each frame got diff sound files so I'll let it be.
I have this sample scenario:
TextA + narration (15 secs)
TextB + narration (10 secs)

ok, i discovered, whenever you press the mute button in the middle of Narration A (inserting a sound file in a textbox object), and then unmute it within the 15 sec time frame of the object, the sound will not play. However, the next object, TextB + narration, will play the sound.

However, if you unmute it after the 15 sec time frame of object A (textA+narration), Object B (textB+narration) will not play the sound.

So meaning, it finish playing the object first, before any unmute can happen.

Unlike if you mute something in the middle of the narration, it will immediately mute. but to unmute, you have to wait for the previous object to finish.

My question still prevails, is there a workaround for this?
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