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Picture loading problem
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When I try to run the module, a message indicates that it is loading pictures, but stays stuck at 95%.

Any ideas?


Hi, Andy,

In addition to Nick's message: it can be also some bad-named image on the slide or master-slide (I mean some special symbols and non-Latin characters, that operating systems can handle, but web-server can't). Or some required image is not defined in object (for example, when you change the look of navigation buttons you must define ALL spare images - otherwise run-time will try to download image with empty name).
Oddly enough I came across this yesterday, albeit in a slightly more complex problem.
Try refreshing the image, go to the page in your module, delete the original and then open it as a new image. Try remaning the picture in the old 8.3 format for example don't use mylastsummerholidaysbytheseaside.jpg it might be a valid name but mysumhol.jpg is a lot safer to use.
Occasionaly Courselab seems to loose track the odd object.
It's quite random but very rare usually following a lot of editing. Best practice is to save after any changes.
Again the display of the pics is based on the target PCs browser itself.
The most obvious problem especially with IE and 6 especially is it doesn't handle some JPG formats well and PNGs abysmally.
Most good web design accomdates this by forcing the browser engine to use VML routines for PNGs.
What are the images? JPG, JPG2000, PNG, GIF, WMP.. 32, 24, 12 bit or less, Progressive scan encoded etc etc
Are they scaled to display size, eg a 3mp image saved as an 800 x 600 NOT a 3mp images saved as produced but scaled down by 75% in the courselab image format dialogue menu?
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