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Font changes when running program
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If I format effects in a text box, when I run the module, the fonts display is washed out. I tried this on two computers, and the effect is the same.

The obvious solution is not to use text effects, but it would limit the effectiveness of the training program.

Appreciate any advice.

Check the font formatting in the text box itself.
Use the html view and look at what you get. It should be quite simple starting with a font declaration. Things like bold or italics will be between tags b /b and i /i. Just plain and fairly basic html code only should be what you're seeing.
If you change font you'll see the another font declaration.
IF anything else like strong /strong then you've cut and pasted from an MS product and the formattings carried over which tends to break things.
Also using unusual fonts might be nice BUT if they aren't present on the target system then it all falls over with the browser on the target PC using the closest font in the same family.

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