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Problems with Flash
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Hi there

I have created some elearning using CourseLab which uses the agents. This is installed in a company server to moodle and i can only connect to it using Citrix. The problem is that although everything works fine just looking at it locally, if you connect via Citrix none of the agents appear - just a gap with the X in the corner to show that the image is missing.

Am i not doing something obvious or is this a problem? Can it be resolved?


There do seem to be some problems with Citrix and flash. Can you get someone to check that flash is actually installed and enabled on ther server and that these two items in the management console are on.
CMC -> Farm Properties -> Speedscreen Flash Acceleration
CMC -> Server Properties -> Speedscreen Flash Acceleration

Sometimes it's just properties in the user accounts, if it works with an admin account log in then there's maybe the problem.
The default user profiles will need to be checked to confirm flash is available.
Just as a note some citrix administrators do disable flash as it is a bit of a bandwidth hog.
Oh and the RDP profiles need the same checks made.
[;)] Mention to your boss that you really should consider switching your web site design from the tabled current version to a CSS base, it would get rid of the cracks and mis-alignments it's developed where the text has been added on the pages. It's very noticable on firefox, not so bad on IE. The pages would also be more easily extensible in the future.
Hi, Belinda,

Perhaps some Citrix settings need to be corrected. Maybe it blocks Flash movies. Agents are just regular Flash objects, the only difference is that they use Flash/JavaScript connection, but not sure it is the reason. Just suggestion though.
Thanks Slav - I will look into that..
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