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FLV play tick events
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Ok, here's what I have:
A flash object appears on the slide and when it is finished running it gets hidden and a flash movie (flv) appears on the same slide and starts to play. At the same time a check box appears at the bottom of the screen for hearing impaired people. Checking this box will move the flash movie to the left and a standard popup window appears to the right of the flash movie with the dialog from the movie. The dialog is to long for one pop-up, so halfway through the movie the original pop-up disappears, and is replaced by a second pop-up with the last of the dialog. If at any time the user should uncheck the check-box, the dialog boxes disappear and the movie moves back to the middle of the screen. All of this is controlled by through actions on the check-box (checked or unchecked) and the "position" of the flash movie, as well as actions that take placed at certain "play ticks" in the movie. For instance, if the check box is checked, the first pop-up will disappear when the movie gets to a certain "play tick", and the second pop-up will appear. This is handled through the play tick event of the movie.
This all works great when viewing the module from the CourseLab IDE, however, when I publish to CD, the only popup that shows up is the first one. It is like the "tick" events are not being recognized.[:confused:]
Hi, MikeL,

The probable reason is browser's/Flash-player's security settings, which are more strict for local content, than for web-downloaded content. Agents, FLV-player and other Flash objects use Flash-JavaScript connection to communicate with CourseLab run-time (and send events too). If your browser's security settings do not allow active local content and your Flash player security settings do not include local paths as trusted, then possible reason is these settings.
Browser's security settings can be easily found, Flash Player's setting are <a href="http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager04.html">here</a>
Thanks Slav

Yes, that was the problem. This is going to make it hard to deploy on CD, because any user will now have to make the adjustments to their Flash player security settings. I will have to rethink using play ticks in my effects.
Thanks again.
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