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Protecting content
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Can I protect the content of course(photo, text, video etc) from copy&paste command in CourseLab? Thanks
Hi, Oleg,

If you are familiar with Javascript, then - yes, you can "block" ondragstart, oncopy etc. events in browser (BTW, event set is different for different browsers) and constantly clear clipboard on timer, by inserting custom code in module.js, but it will be just protection against dummies [:)]. Full protection is not possible anyway - there're always PrintScreen, watchers, sniffers etc. Different techniques of protection can be found with Google, but none is full. So all your efforts will defend your content from dummies only. Do you really need that?
Hi Oleg, as Slav points out the only way you can really protect people from copying any of the content is by not letting them use or view it!!
In real life you do have a few options but none that work really well.
You can add a creative commons copyright spelling out what can and can't be done with the content but people can just ignore it and copy the stuff anyway. Unless it's something very valuable trying to use any court system is prohibitively expensive for an individual.
IF you were selling you're content on a standalone CD you could turn it into an encrypted zip, using 256AES it would be pretty secure. If it was a self extracting zip then it could just copy the contents onto the users HDD.
Otherwise it could be on a small scale LMS or CMS so that users have to be signed up to access it.
The problem always is once they can view it you have effectively no control over what they do with it.
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