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sound - play-stop-pause
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Hello everyone,

I have a question. I would like to bring into my master-slide some radio buttons that could stop play and pause the mp3 files that I have on the normal slides. My question is: does this work?
But I dont want the sound off/on radio button (from Navigation)it does not play my mp3 file it is only stopping it, is There any other button for that?
Thank you in advance,

Hi, Diana,

you can also use Video Clip object (it can play audio as well) in invisible mode (there is checkbox in object settings), and then use its PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, REWIND methods attached to any suitable button (or event).
Hello guys,

Thank you for your response[:)]. I will give you a feedback on monday, when I ll create the slide and tell you how it worked. Thanks a lot.

diana [:p]
Hi Diana,

There is no predefined player controls or buttons specifically for a mp3 file.
But you can choose action for the object asscoiated with the mp3 and use method 'Sound' through to start or stop. On the particular object's properties (under sound tab) you will need to check mark a option "Do not play automatically"

You can create your own buttons which can be a image or autoshape, and apply above method through action on this object to play and stop...

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