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Test Completion goto
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Hi there to everyone. I just finished creating a test and what i need is this.
I must define something to the test that states that:
if the score is higher than 50 points the user goes to slide x, if the score is lower than 50 it goes to slide y. Please i really nead help on this.
Hi Roberto,

You have to use "IF SCORE" action.
The the Condition to >50.
Next thing is action "CALL" or "Goto" and define Slide.
Next Line is "Else" action (no parameters needed) and after that "Call" or "goto" action again.

I think that will do the job...
First of all i want to thank you Axel for taking the time to try and help me. I tryed what you said but at the end of the test several error messages came up such as:
-?Action: Else
-CallMethod: q_099_test Dispatcher The object does not support this property or method
- CallMethod: q_099_test HideFeedback'null' either is nule or not an object

After all these errors it displays the page that i wanted.
Just another question, the procedure you mencioned is in case of success. What about in case of insuccess? Do i have to repeat those steps again (changing the score to «50 of course)?
I realised that it's only the first two errors that come up. The following error was due to a mistake a made while deffining the slide to go to.

CallMethod: q_099_test HideFeedback'null' either is nule or not an object

I also need to define in case of not achieving 50 points to go to a different slide. I'm deffining these actions (the ones you mentioned at the test action (on test end). Is it the right place to do it?
Once again thank you very much for your help. If you come up with another way to solve this problem...
Well normally the "else" action takes care of whatever action befor came not true starts another action. in your case 50 or more points goto slide x and every other case go to slide y.
But u can replace the "else" action with another "IF SCORE" <=49 "goto" slide y (The error might have come because "else" action doesn't comunicate with objective.)

The error has nothing to do with the "IF SCORE". But i can't figure out what it means right now...
I have tried several ways to try and do this but the thing is that i believe the if score or if success or what ever isn't working properly.
Cause it simply ignores the condition and executes the action right after. for instance if i define this:

if score is >than 50 go to slide where it says congratulations.

Even if the score is lower than 50 it still performs the action goto. I have tried other ways, such as :
if the score is higher than 50 it displays a button saying success, and when the user clicks on it he goes to the slide success.
But even if the score is lower than the one deffined it still displays the button.
Is there any other way to do this?
Hi again. I don't mean to upset anyone but i really need help on this situation. Certainly there's someone out there who can fix my problem. Isn't anyway to use javascript or variables or whatever that helps on my case? i've tryed with if score, if success, but it still doesn't work. I need to publish this on the web urgently.
I have a module with 15 slides. The test is in the 13th. The 14th slide is Success and the 15th is failure. What i need is to add something to the test so that when it ends, if the score (or success) is higher than 50 it goes to slide 14. If the score is lower than 50 it goes to slide 15. Please, i now that some people in here can solve this easilly. Thanks once again.
Hi Robert,

If you are using a 'test object', then there is another way to do this...

1. I don't know if you have defined the score in "objective" 'total' in module and runtime settings, maybe that why its giving error as 'null"

2. Select actions from the 'test object' and choose the event "On success" "on fail" "On test end" and then apply this go to method.

3. You can refer the use guide pdf on this website for more details.
Hi there Kapil.
Trust me when i say that i have tryed several ways to try and pull this off. I have tryed your suggestion way long before i searched for help on this forum. The thing is that when i deffine on success or on failure at the Test's actions, it refers to the moment of answering the question not the whole test. For instance if i succeed on the first question it takes me to the slide that i deffined. That would work if instead of reffering to the question, it aplied the on success of the whole test.
Regarding the on test end, i have also tried that the thing is it doesn't attend to the score. either it is lower or higher than 50 it still goes to the same slide. I have tried with on success/failure status but it happens the same. I have deffined the objective and the rules. I believe it must be done using some kind of javascipt code that includes the if expressions and the goto. But i don't know how to do it.
Hi Roberto,

I think Slav, Course Lab Team Member will be the right person to answer this query. I'm not sure if he has come across or seen your earlier posts.

I suggest you send a email addressing to Mr. Slav Shchinov at
support@courselab.com and courselab@courselab.com or call up
Phone/fax: +7 (495) 514-0436, 901-9973

I'm sure he will respond in good time.
The event would need to be added to the final question OR to the page following the final question.
If you add it to the final question of the series then this should do:
Add an ON QUESTION ANSWERED event, then the page jump part. This would be an IF SCORE action to get the variable value and set the trigger point So you'd have the objective as TOTAL, source you can ignore unless you have defined a subset of the score somewhere and condition LESS THAN 50. Followed by a NAVIGATION event to jump to the page you want.
The repeat this for a score total of => 50 and another navigation to the other finish page.
IF you add it to your first page AFTER the final question then:
The page itself would need the actions added as a BEFORE DISPLAY event.
Again you'd want an IF SCORE (assuming your on the less than 50 score page) have the objective as TOTAL, source you can ignore unless you have defined a subset of the score and condition LESS THAN 50. Follow this with an ELSE then NAVIGATION to the other page.
Logic is the evaluation is performed before the page loads, it will check for your defined score criteria. If it meets the condition less than 50 then the page displays. If the the evaluation fails as the score is 50 or more then it jumps to the next page.

Hi there Nick, thank you for taking the time to try and help me. I tryed your suggestions but it still doesn't work. My problem is that it seems the If score condition is ignored by the program. Either the score citeria is attended or not it still performs the action. Regarding the ELSE matter, it appears an error ?Action: Else.
I don't know what that means. If someone would be available to take a look at my project, i wouldn't mind sending the files over mail, so that they could try and pull it off. The contents of the project are in portuguese but i don't think that would be an incovenient, as the language of the program is English. Once again if someone wouldnґt mind looking at my project please let me know.
My mail is robertocastro1982@gmail.com
My msn is roberto_castro@netmadeira.com
Bundle the files into a zip and I'll have a look. Can't promise a tight time scale as I have a few projects to wrap up in the next week or two. Then as it looks like we're going to have a bit of snow here (snow + UK traffic = CHAOS) so I might not get to work for a day or two LOL
I have already sent to your mail box the zip containing the files. please try to look at it and give me some feedback as soon as possible as i must have it ready for Tuesday. If you can't than it will be useless to try and pull this off. thank you once again.
I didn't see anything in my mail box :( it might have been too big a file for your mail provider?
Sorry I couldn't help
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