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Success/Fail feedback button
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Hi there to everyone. Iґm from Portugal and this is my first post to this great community. I'm facing a problem and i really hope that there's someone out there who can help me. It goes something like this.
I created a module with some contents and to evaluate if they were successfuly adquired, i created several questions. So far so good. For each question i created actions, such as score and so on. My problem is that when i get to last question i have this button that says finnish exercises. What i would like is that when people click on it, if the score is equal or higher than 50 points they go to this congratulations slide. Othwerwise, if the score is below 50 points, they get to another one that says better luck try again. How can i deffine these actions to that particular button? Still i created another button that says repeat exercises, and what it does is go back to the first question slide. The thing is that it keeps the score of previous answered question as well as this error message come up that the questions has already been answered and it shows the answer given before. Can please someone help me?
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