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Media use with CourseLab
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Hi there,

I used CourseLab for several E-learnings and I always had the problem with media as wav files or flash files to be played. This is because I have to be compatible to Windows as well as to OS X systems. Is there a possibility to controll (Play on click/ Stop on click rewind etc.) wav anf flash files?

One solution i found is to use FireFox as Browser with a special Plug-in called Mediawrap. This translates ActiveX for FF-Plugins. Is it possible to put this translation code directly into courselab?

Or is there a more easy way I didn't find out?

Thanx for answering
Hi Axel,

1. When you insert a flash file on the slide. Right click on the flash object and select Actions.

2. Now on the left side you have the event panel, firstly you need to select the "after display" event.

3. Now doube click on the action "Method" and once again double click and select the flash file in object and select the method "stop"

4. Follow the same steps on another event of your choice like "on click" or double click or mouseover..and in the method option select play.

You will need to click, or dbl click or mouseover on the flash object to play once you view the module.

As far as video files are concerned, in the properties option you can click a checkbox which displays the player control options like Play, Stop, Rewind, Forward. You can also choose the player type or choose automatic.

Well, thanx for the answer, but if that was the problem i would not have post the massage. This way of setting up the Files is mentioned here often as well as in the help file... but using this way of setting it up it was not possible to play files correctly on an appel os x 10.5 neither with safari nor Firefox... Any Idea?
Axel the WAV format has something like 20 main branches or variations and sub varients of these. Some are very platform specific. To use anyone of these the PC itself needs the codec for it. This is effectively a translator so it can interpret the wrapper. You need to make sure the RIFF wrapper is a type that is universal rather than platform specific. You need to use the lowest common denomiator approach for compatibility.
Just out of interest the WAV format is based on the old Amiga IFF format which MAC used and modded as AIFF. That is a RIFF bitstream that's pluse code modulated. I used to do dev work on the amiga and mac platforms.
The same goes for flash, always assume the worst and encode at a low version like 6.
Hi Nick,
thanx for the Tip. Well I created the wav files with ProTools 7.4 what is working with os x as well as Win XP so I don't think that the wav format is my problem, but after your hint i loaded a programm to create RIFF wav. Later this Week I can post if this fixed my prob...Thanx anyway...
You should be able to save it in pretty much any format you like. I notice that it optimises the timebase, might be something to do with it if it uses a variable timebase.
Now i am confused. It worked eveything fine. With Methods i could replace media and play the files (i decided to use mp3 with a look at the size as well). Ok. After that i puplished course Scorm 2004 LMS and put it up a moodle platform. After that the sounds would not play anymore. Not on moodle but what is even worse using local folder on my pc with wich i created the Course it doesn't work either. No more sound...what did i wrong?
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