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Adding Objectives
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I may be going mad here as I cannot get this simple need sorted out.

I need to add four Objectives to one, ie X = a+b+c+d. I cannot for the life of me suss out how to do it.

I have tried SET SCORE using add and the value of $trtotal.raw + $srtotal.raw etc. However this doesn't work.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

Hi Bob
Might it depend on the syntax of the maths, that is what format are these objectives stored in. You'd expect numeric but they might not be??
Otherwise I do know some shrinks, LOL through work not as a user you understand!!!
I think I may need a shrink after this process !

The objectives are simple numeric form (maximum number 6).

I have four sections to a quiz and want to add all the sections up. I don't want o have to go back through and hand code every question with a total mark if there is a simplar method [:)]
Errrr kinda off the top of my head which is where most of my dumbest ideas come from.
Have you looked at this stepwise?
Set up a simple page or two sie moule with four objective variables and assign them a value as the page loads. Have the page display the values of each variable.
In this case can the variables be displayed directly or do they have to be displayed through an another intermediate general purpose user defined variable and not a 'core' variable???
Logic behind the thought being that you might not be able to manipulate this class of variable in the way you're trying to. It might be easier or work to have it declared and then assign or pass the value from another discrete variable.
I seem to vaguely remember something about variables that kicked off this thought....
might be more of what the 'setscore' can do.. Can assign a variable X=2 but gets upset if its something like x=(a+b+c.

LOL I'll shut up and stop adding to your confusion and get back to a european tender I'm writing, deep joy and bliss :(
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