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Publishing and tracking results
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Hello everyone,

Is it possible to see the results of the test when it is publish by CD ? In other words, is it possible to insert a slide (with the name of the student)automatically sent to me by email ?

If not, can someone tell me if, we can change the language in the title of the email which is sent to the student through Course Lab plateform ? => i would like to write the title in French as the email is stopped by the SPAM system !

Can someone help me ?

Many Thanks

Not easily, the CD distribution is meant as a stand alone way to get the material out. As you don't know what the user has on their PC you can't easily add a routine to push data out to a mail client.
For example my laptop doesn't have a mail client on it, I just use a webmail service.
Depending on the environment you can push results out to a file.
Thers a strand on how to do this on Sharepoint.
Search the forum for "JavaScript functional sample".
On a random users PC you start to hit problems as above, you don't know what software they have AND you don't know what user rights they have PLUS there are differences between behaviours in different OS's.
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