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Is there any way to insert Dragster (Webbducate) activities into the couselab slides?
Apologies for any errors as I'm not particularly familiar with Courselab but from a quick trial it would seem the best approach would be:

Author and publish your Webducate Dragster activity.
Unzip the published dragster activity to view all the activity files.

Now go to your courselab course. On the slide use the Insert > Object > Media and drag a Flash object on to the slide.
Resize this flash object to make it as large as possible.
Right click on the Flash object and select properties
For the file option, select the dragndrop.swf file in your published Dragster activity.
Publish your completed Courselab course on to your PC

You now need to copy some additional dragster activity files into your courselab course to make the dragster activity work. These files are dragndrop.xml and any image files within the published dragster activity folder. So select all these files and copy them.

Now unzip your published courselab course.
Open the unzipped course folder
Copy the dragster activity files into the folder called 1.
Now test the course by opening start.html inside the folder called 1
Re-zip the course for upload in your VLE.

It is a bit of a process but with any luck this should work. Problems are most likely to be due to not copying the extra Dragster files into the right place in the published course.
(Tip - the dragster activity will not work when using the View module preview unless you also copy these extra dragster activity files into the folder called 1 inside the folder used to save the course during its development)

There is an alternative simpler method using Insert > Object > External and the Iframe option. This requires that the dragster activity already be on the internet and also that it scales with the browser (a Dragster 3 activity setting). This approach doesn't require you to copy the extra activity files as the working dragster activity is being imported "live" from the website using the iframe rather than running inside the courselab course. Hope that makes some sense...

Here is an example I produced using these 2 approaches
Of course you could always make the entire thing in Courselab, any object can be dragged and dropped.
SCORM 1.2 and 2004 can be used which is helpful.
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