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Special Popup windows
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How do you produce a popup window in which the user can write text? Any thoghts welcome.
Hi sean,
What are they going to write in it and what are you going to be doing with the text?
As to actually making something pop up that a user can write text into..

OK the standard pop up does just that, pops up with a standard message and or image. That's all a pop up is usually expected to do so they aren't very much help to you.
What you can do is to add a form object to the page and then hide it so it's not shown when the page loads.
Add a trigger action somewhere so that it opens (hide changes to show) in response to a user action.
Now the user can add text which you can capture into a variable for later use.
You will need to have another trigger to close it as the form elements are really meant to be on the page so don't like pop ups have a close button.
You could have a graphic background that looks like a pop up window. In this case your trigger opens the graphic and the form item. If the graphic has a close button just make an onclick hide the graphic and form item and you'll have something that looks just like an 'interactive' pop up as far as the user is concerned.
Pretty easy really ;)and not a problem with Couselab.
Hi Nick
Thanks once again for the advice. What I am trying to do is create a jotter / notepad[:)] where the user can, when asked, record their ideas in relation to a question posed in the learning material.
You should be able to make the above idea work. As long as the content is saved as a variable you can make a page to display the variables used and print them later
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