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I can see how to insert a Popup WIndow but it seems that it just sits there and all you can do is close it. I thought the idea of Popup was just that - you activate it and it pops up. What am I missing? Do I need to write Action script???????[:confused:]
Hi Nick
Many thanks for this. I will give it a go.
Hi Sean
OK so you have dumped the pop up where you want it to be and it just sits there. It's supposed to do that as you now have to tell it what you want it to do.
FIRST ~ What's going to happen?
Decide what object you want to use to trigger it and what the trigger event wil be. By this I mean do you want just a click me button or area and the pop up to pop then have the user close or close itself.
SECOND ~ Making it happen
First thing to do is to hide the pop up itself. If you right click on the pop up object you have the option of actions, select this. Now in the event dialogue box select the beforedisplay option from the events list on the left and double click DISPLAY on the actions list. Browse to the pop up and set display to hide. It now won't show when the page is drawn, try a preview and no pop up but as yet no way to make it appear.
THIRD ~ Make a trigger object
Now we need the user to do something to nake it appear. The object used for this can be virtually anything from a button to a block of text, they are all quite valid.
For arguments sake add a small block of text on the page that says 'SHOW MY POP UP'
When you look at the page now (preview) you just see the text.
FOURTH ~ Make the pop up pop up!
Right click on the text and again you get the option ACTIONS select this again.
You now need to decide on what will happen. Simplest is to set the event as an onmouseover and then double click the display option. Again browse to the object and now set display as show.
Preview the page and when the mouse pointer moves over the text your pop up appears. It is now up to the user to close it.
If you also add an onmouseout / display you can make the pop up disappear once the mouse is moved off of the trigger.
The way the pop up reveals can be varied too using the effects option where you also have options to vary the effects time.
You can also load other actions into the same events so you could have a sound associated with the pop up.
If you prefer a button to trigger the pop up add a button and add an event to it, classically an onclick event which will look for a click from the user to open up the pop up, then once again set display to show the object.
You can even have different pop ups triggered by different events on the same trigger object using the events options.

It's quite simple really and does give you a lot of flexibility in how a pop up is used.
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