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Cannot even get started
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Hi, I have just downloaded CourseLab and it has asked me to register. I have, and got a code.. but when I launch CourseLab and enter the code when prompted, it says 'code is invalid' what can I do?
Hi, Gill,

Perhaps the problem has roots in some extra (or missed) character in registration fields. The code is valid exactly for values that were in the fields at the moment of authorization request.

You can also get the code through the web form: <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/root_id/register/build/070821/doc.html">here</a>

Please make sure however, that all the fields are filled exactly the same way as in CourseLab form, otherwise code will not match.
Thanks, Slav, but I have the code already and I copied and pasted it from the webform registration into the box that came up when I opened CourseLab from my desktop. The fields on the form there are all wrong and do not match to the text beside them so I think there is a bigger problem.

I don't have time to mess about with CourseLab forever and am at the point of ditching it and finding something else.
Thanks anyway.
Is this on XP or Vista?
I've installed Courselab quite a few times and not had this particular problem on XP. Vista was a pain, best and easiest was to 'unblock' the download, switch UAC off and then install as Admin. The program files folder is very unlike that on XP in that it really doesn't like the software to change files within it. UAC tends to block changes so often doesn't allow changes on the fly like adding registration codes. Like Vista itself this effect can be a little erratic!!
Else not a clue but it is worth getting Courselab up and running, in terms of it's out of the box features it is the match for software costing silly money (2-300 $/Ј).
If it stil doesn't work you could try EXE, it's nowhere near as feature rich but it is simple to use and also a zero cost platform.
Hi Nick,
It's on XP so I have no idea why it's behaving like it is! I will try yet again after unistalling and re-installing (with crossed fingers!)I will look into the alternative too.
Cheers [:)]
You don't have XP set up to use restricted user accounts, probably a dumb question but it could give you problems.
Not a clue where you are in the world but is there anyone who could remote into Gills PC and see whats going on. I'm in the UK and have done this with a PC in Australia. It was deeply slow, a few minute job ended up taking about an hour LOL but got a different problem sorted out.
OH OH Don't forget to clear the registry of any related Courselab enteries. They can really trash an install!!
Hi Nick,
I'm in the UK, but I'm using this at work and I don't think IT will allow me to give anyone else remote access. It might be something to do with IT permissions come to think of it. I generally have the OK to add any programs, but our PCs are networked and there might be a glitch. Will delve a little deeper this end. Thanks Nick [:)]
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