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Standard Menu problem
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I have used a standard CourseLab template for creating a sample course. I tried to embedd a flash SWF File using the media option in the object library. The menu functionality works fine and overlaps the swf object on the page when we view the module before publishing it to SCORM. Once we publish it to SCORM, the menu functionality when clicked opens behind the swf object. i.e. the swf now overlaps the Menu!!

Can anybody provide a solution to this?
The obvious first idea would be to scale the SWF dimanesions to actually fit the proposed modules size.
Hey Nick, I even tried to scale the SWF dimensions, but when i published it to SCORM 1.2 and uploaded the package on the Moodle LMS for testing, menu is again overlapped by the SWF..

Hi Neil, I thought that would have been something you would have tried but it's the obvious place to start.
So a recap of the problem:
You have a SWF that fits the space you have available
You have placed the SWF where you want it to appear on the page.
When the page plays the SWF is still too big.

A possibility is that the parameters used to embed the SWF player aren't complete OR a parameter in the SWF itself is being passed to the player.

I would try adding some extra control parameters to the code.
The standard behaviour of the flash player is to put the SWF on the centre of the player area. This can add a margin around each edge of the SWF so it ends up much bigger than you expect.
I'd open the file 1.xml which contains the module itself and find the swf player code.
A tl to align the SWF to the top left of the display area might help, this also crops the displays edges to the border of the insert.
Nexr would be to add a noorder control, this should rescale the SWF without distortion to the display area dimensions.

You can find a list of the possible parameters here

Hopefully one of these will do the trick
Hey Nick,

Thanks for the valuable information. Actually even if you try using a normal size default animation (e.g. Agent) from the CourseLab object library without scaling, still the problem persists when you publish the course to SCORM 1.2 and upload on Moodle. I think the reaason behind it might be that the menu is in Javascript which is lightweight and the swf object is loaded on top with a greater depth. Still I will explore the options on the link you have posted. Thanks Again
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