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AxtiveX control
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I just published a cours on a CD, when I run the course IE pops up a dilog box indication the content has been blocked due to ActiveX control restrictions. Questions - how do I bypass this, it's a bit of a pain to have to manualy allow content.
Hi, Jose,

IE has very strict security settings for local content and CD content (in fact, more strict than for web-content). To allow active you need to open IE's Internet Options dialog - Advanced tab - Security chapter - Allow active content from CD checkbox.
That fixed my problem! Thank you Slav!

Jose don't forget that if you distribute the CD then others will probably have the same problem that you had.
It would probably be worth adding some text to the screen that starts up courselab (when the active-x warning pops up) to tell others what to do.
Thanks, good idea. Is there a JS scenario that detects the settings and then sets the desired ones?

Also, other than editing the autorun page in html, is there a place in courselab where addition text or graphics can be added to the autorun page?
Hi Jose,
It would be nice to have some js change user settings on the host PC but the browser will usually try to stop it. Most spyware detection software won't be too happy about it either and try to block the changes. The reason is that changing security levels (to allow activex objects to run) might be a part of an attempt to inject some malicious code onto the PC through the browser. If your user doesn't know why you are doing this then when an official "Don't do this or your PC will die a slow horrible death and all your personal secrets will be stolen" alert pops up they will frequently pick the don't let it happen option. Tell them why and what to do and most will follow the instructions.
So whilst it could be done it really isn't a very good idea.
The autorun page itself is more of a simple start up device. It just opens a browser window with a link to the module. Its really only needed for CD distributed materials so that the js scorm api wrapper kicks off to support the material. There isn't any built in way to change the page courselab generates or add anything other than by editing the page itself.
Personally I'd add a few lines to have the user change their security settings.
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