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LMS - Test Scoring Issue
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Hi Slav,

If you remember in my earlier post, I had mentioned about score being passed onto LMS. I have a test consisting of 50 questions and the minimum score to pass is 40 and less than that would be fail. I hace created the runtime settings using the default module objective(total), the same objective is selected in every question. I had tested this in moodle and it was working great. I need to now put it onto SABA LMS, so when I publish under 1.2, after attempting the test I got the following error

and then there is a junk of coding about along with it..

Can u help pls ? [:confused:]
Hi, Kapil,

That's because amount of data (on 50 questions) to be stored in LMS exceeds 4kB (maximum allowed for SCORM 1.2 cmi.suspend_data field). Moodle can use SCORM 2004, which has 64kB limit on this field. Some LMS allow storing of more than 4kB (using "at least" approach - more than SCORM 1.2 standard requires), but SABA seems to have strict 4kB limit ("no more" approach). 20-40 questions (depending on question types and complexity) can produce 4kB in this field. In this case the only solution is to split the test on 2 (or even 3 - depends on question types) modules (no more than 4kB per module).

Thank you for your response, Slav and Nick.

Do you mean that within a test objective I cant have 40 questions? And can I put 40 questions independently in 40 slides without using "test object" Will this help ?
Which means Kapil that yo might need to cheat.
You could use a local variable inside courselab to hold the modules 'score'. At the end of the module use this to set the sucsess/completinion flags to send to SABA. It's not the best idea but it should work??
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