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scoring problem
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i need a help ..
i have a problem in scoring some test that i did, my test containes 24 Q. with in 8 groups every 3 Q a group, the proseger is if the person have answered the first Q. right he take 6 marks and jump to the forth Q. and if he didnt he goes to the secound and then if he did answerd the secound Q. right he takes 5 marks and jumbs to the forth Q , and go on like this to the end if the test .
I put for every group a objective for scoring it, and i give an action for sucssess to jump the Q's to next group , but at the end the scoring comes zero's , and when i tryed to do the test with out jumping the Q's (going throu the slides 1 by 1) the final score was allright ..
So ,
Please help me to solve my problem ( I need the Jumping action with scoring the sucsses , I dont want it to go step by step)

Best Regards ,,
Hi. As you are using the 'On Success' action to jump to different slides, it will carry out the GOTO beore it sets the objective. You can try using 'Set Score' to set the objective score before the jump.


SET SCORE = $Objective1 = 6
GOTO Frame 4

Thancks Bob ..
it did work [:)]
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