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Module Index - Jump Module
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HI - I'm new to CourseLab and couldn't find anything in the user guide or in the forum.
I built a course with two modules. I uploaded the scorm package into the LMS Moodle. I know the moodle index doesn't show the single pages but only the modules. But with me - it doesn't work. It doesn't show anything in the moodle index and I can only see one module and it's pages, though the second module folder is in the zip file. I used Scorm 2004.
Do I have to connect the modules somehow?
Hi, Barbara,

Perhaps imsmanifest.xml is malformed or too old? Please look in this file - it should contain 2 organization items with module titles.
Thanks a lot. I managed to find out, that our Moodle Version 1.8 is actually sometimes displaying the TOC and sometimes - of the very same zip-file - is not. So I think it's more a Moodle bug but a cl bug.
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