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SLK and button Save and Close
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Hi there,

I have a elearning with 20 slides, but if the student presses the button Save and Close, he returns to Slide 1, even at Slide 18.

You can save this and save slide back when the slide 18?
Hi Minoru,
That sounds like it#s a problem with SLK as it should store the inforation about what pages have been viewed in any session.
Have you checked out the SLK forum?
Nick :)
Not yet...

But, Did you hear something like? Or a workaround?

On the principle that Moodle tracks the pages well per session Courselab does supply the data. So its an SLK issue where its either not picking up the data or just isn't using it. I'd think that its probably got it but isnt using it.
There are a few people here that are using Courselab with SLK but I'm not sure this has been raised before as an issue.
I would think that its a permissions issue but as you'll know Sharepoint with SLK does give you a BIG range of options.
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