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LMS test fails--now what?
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I am just learning Course Labs. I found the LMS test and imported it into my WebCT CE 6 space. I did this both as an imported SCORM and directly via WebCT's Import Content tool. As expected, the SCORM version was better. But it reported that the module had no content. All I got was a listing in the table of contents.

Does this mean that I cannot use Course Labs with my College LMS? I will still try to generate a Scorm compliant module, but now I am worried.

Hi, Jim,

Not sure, but it seems that LMS Test was not correctly imported (in fact, it has some content :) I cannot say more on this issue - personally I've never used WebCT. But AFAIR I read some reports on using CourseLab content in WebCT.
Hi Slav,
Yes. I think some have used WebCT with Courselab. Though when I just now searched their forum, the only thread with "courselab" was quickly hijacked by someone recommending homegrown templates for the teachers, a bunch of Course Genie users, and finally some Captivate questions. Alas, Courselab, the subject of the thread, was not there after the first message!
I figure that even if I can't import Scorm from Courselab I can use the web pages it creates and then use testing in WebCT instead of the unit. Not as elegant, but it should work.
It turns out that an old SCORM I made with eXe no longer works in WebCT when it worked fine a few months ago. So the problem is NOT with CourseLab. Next week IT will install patches to WebCT and I will try again. I think it should work, since Courselab works with Bb.
If it's anything like our IT support you'd be waiting till the new SCROM 2.0 was mature and then it still wouldn't work.
If it's still flaky post update and you can identify the specific scorm component causing this you might be able to disable it by using the ideas in Dave Chapmans post "NHS Oracle iLearning issue"
I think part of my problem was Java related. I lost the My Computer icon in WebCT and it turned out to be my virus protection. I went back to the free AVG and all is well with Java and I can import eXe Scorm. But the LMS test suite available here produces this error message:
Number of errors found: 1

* The SCORM package is not compliant with SCORM Ver 1.2 Conformance Requirements. All supporting schemas must be at the root of the package; the following schemas were not found at the root: [adlcp_rootv1p2.xsd, imsmd_rootv1p2p1.xsd] As a result, the package may not perform as desired. Are you sure you want to continue?
If I do continue, there is no content.

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