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script error
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I keep getting a internet explorer script error when i try to drag the text in to wrong box.

Can you screensnap your actions for this and pop them up. It looks like there maybe some sytax errors somewhere.
1) drag the "chest text" to blue area msg box displays correct answer.

2) drag the "pectorilis text" to blue area, then error message appears.

I also tried it out and get an error message.
The error is in the java script that is created by courselab for the module - at least in that it does perhaps not communicate too well with IE.

The error happens at this point
// Action_ContinueCHECKHIT
function Action_ContinueCHECKHIT()
if (this.nStartTime == 0)
this.nStartTime = g_nCurrentTime;

var sDragObjectId = g_oDragObject.getAttribute("id");
var bConditionOk = (this.sTargetId == sDragObjectId ? true : false);

this.oCurrentAction = bConditionOk ? this.listActions.pFirst : this.listElseActions.pFirst;

It complains that var sDragObjectId = g_oDragObject.getAttribute("id");
is null or does not exist - whatever that means - maybe Slav will make more sense of it.
Oh, at least i'm not the only one getting the error.[:confused:]
It's not happening to me on a first look:(

The screen grab on image shack shows it happening in preview mode where it works flawlessly for me.
I'll have another play look tomorrow.

That's very nice jj, simple and very effective.
Hi Nick,

Strange that then, the plot continues.[:cool:]

I get the same message ~ does anyone know how to overcome this? I've tried different action variants and have also turned off Internet Explorer - but all without success.[:(]
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