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of module sequence
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'ello Slav
Within a module, slides can be set to be viewed sequentially only. But in a course, is there any global command at runtime(or workaround) so that the user will:
- go through the modules in sequence
- or complete first modules 1-3 before proceeding to module 4 (which is a quiz module)
Thanks again [:)]
The questions are:
(A)Are these discrete stand alone modules or
(B)Are they sub-components of one module.

If the answer is A then you need an L or CMS to control the sequencing. You can't do this with courselab itself as you need to store variables somewhere on the host server or PC.
If the answer is B then you can control them within Couselab as Bob suggests
'ello Nickj
I'm planning it for a future course consisting of 3-4 modules for moodle. I'm searching for a suitable moodle addon for scorm but maybe I haven't been thorough.
'ello Bob
I think that's a logical procedure too you've done. I'll give it a try.

thanks for the quick response to both of you [:)]
What I did was create an objective, eg: OBJ_Progress. I then set its success status to be passed if a certain slide had been completed.(Rules)

Then using the IF SUCCESS STATUS action I enabled/disabled buttons and navigation items depending on the status of the objective, ie: had the student actually completed the previous module.

I also used the same process to stop students doing a quiz twice

Hope this make sense
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