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New release features?
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Can you give us any info on new features in version 2.4? It would be great to hear what we might be able to expect.


Hi, Richard!

Some 2.4 version new features are:
- Flash Video Player object
- new actions will include
IF SCORE (these 2 are self-explaining)
PARALLEL (launching actions in parallel threads, can be combined with SEQUENTALLY to build quite complex action schemes)
SIZE-START/SIZE-STOP (resizing objects)
Z-INDEX (changing objects z-index)
- actions improved (FOR will work correctly with time-binded actions, such as ROTATE etc., cycle counter is now user defined and has scope)
- all actions are now launched sequentially by default (in previous versions some actions in sequence can be launched without waiting previous action end)
- expressions now can be used in almost all actions parameters
- some known bugs are fixed
When will 2.4 be availlable?
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