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Copying/Pasting Problem
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I am copying and pasting from a MSWord document into a courselab 'text area.' Unfortunately, every now and then after the paste and when I click on OK on the text dialog box, the text shows as html.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Hi, Copying from MS documents is apt to be a bit messy in any case. The documents are littered with massive ammounts of page and text formatting code (probably adds about 60% in file length to your typing). If you don't copy all of a page or miss the end of the DIV or SPAN tags then Courselabs own formatting can get quite confused!! This might well be the cause of your problem ... if you look at some cut/paste text then compare it to native generated code in Courselab you'll notice the HTML text looks very much busier!!
It's probably easier to paste from something like Open Office which is much 'cleaner' as far as page coding goes OR if you have to use MS Office then copy from ANY MS document into notepad and paste to Courselab from there.
Thank you. I very much appreciate your assistance and will try notepad or OpenOffice[:)]. Great!
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