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Adding sound file to title slide?
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I want to add a sound file to the title slide to add some guide for the the users before click the "START MODULE" button. How can I do it?
Just put a Video Object on the Page and set it where it starts on his own. No Frame and all of that. Should work. You have to be carefull that you make the Object as small as possible because with the right mousebutton you would get the Options from Mediaplayer.[:cool:]
Or set "hidden" mode checkmark in object's properties.
Even better Slav!! Feeling a bit dumb to have missed that one as it is so obvious!!!!!
Put the object on the page then move it over a button, say the 'start' button. Set the object to be the rear most layer.
It stays a grabable size and is hidden away out of reach of users.
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