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Recording the time needed for a task
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Hallo everyone!

Is it somehow possible to record the time which is needed for the completion of each question? I have not found anything about that issue in the users manual.

Thank you very much!

Sorry for the double post there. I don't know hat that happended - but obviously it did! I've got another "beginner" question. I'm just working my way through the manual and it appeares to me that the testing results are not stored in a Database but the test will just say "passed" or "not passed"? is that right? Or do I have any chance of storing the results (for each question) in a database?

Thx (and sorry again)
Just answered this question <a href="http://www.courselab.com/db/cle/3DE61A10CD622D64C32573A30018907A/main_id/DEB1AE8A7B1B3576C3256FCF0055974C/extended/1/forum.html">in this thread</a>
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