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"+" operator used to work fine for arithmetic addition. In the revised 2.3 it works as text concatenation even when you have two numbers:
#var1 + 2 (where var1 = 4) makes 42 instead of 6
Needles to say this is really messing things up. I opened some almost finished modules, they got converted to the new version of CourseLab and now I'm stuck with something that used to work but not anymore. Is rollback an option? if not I hope it can be fixed very soon. thanks
OK, it's not the "+" operator but a run-time variable returned by a Radio Button Group (no predefined values for the list). It used to be accepted as a number, now it's text.
Workaround - I have to multiply it with 1 before I use it for addition.
still hope the next release will revert this to what it used to be.
Just idle curiosity here ... What happens if you try 2 + #var2 ??
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