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Powerpoint Import On 2 Machines
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I've purchased the powerpoint add-on, but would like to use it on both my home machine and my school laptop.

I installed it on my home machine without a problem, but it won't let me activate it on my laptop, because it's already registered.

Is it possible to use it on more than one machine (NOT at the same time!) without having to buy a 2nd copy?

Yes, you can make up to 3 "no-question" installation of the pack. For fourth and next installation issue you will need to send us the message (support@courselab.com).

i'm strongly interested in buying this add-on, and i'm going to install it on 2 machines in the office.

But i have a question in advance: what do you mean with "you can make up to 3 no-question installation of the pack"?
Does it maybe mean that i can "skip" online registration of the add-on up to 3 times (so that i can use 1 add-on in 3 different machines)?


Hi, Barney,

Online (or by e-mail) registration cannot be skipped. "No-question" means that registration database has 3 registration slots for one serial number by default. These 3 registrations can be processed online. It actually means that you (i.e. YOU) can use add-on on 3 machines (for example, office, home and laptop). But if you will need 4th (and so on) registration, then you will need to send us e-mail.
Odd, as all I get a message stating I have already registered on another pc. I don't get the option to go any further as some of the other guys do on this discussion. I only get the back button on the wizard offered.
Hi, Alan,

the reason is that you have quite old first registration (about year ago). Now, when we do e-mail registration, your registration card is updated and can accept online registration too.

I'd tried to activate the PP-Import-Modul on a second machine - but I got the message:
"The Modul is already activated on another machine."

What's wrong?
Do I need to buy another license for ma notebook?

Thanks for your reply. I've now managed to install the ppt add-in on my laptop. However, when I try to import any powerpoint file I can only get as far as browsing and selecting a file. When I then click "Next" nothing happens.

I'm using Powerpoint 2003, and Courslab 2.3 (071115). It works on my desktop machine, but not on my laptop. Any ideas?
Is PowerPoint installed on the laptop? CourseLab PowerPoint Import Pack uses some PowerPoint common components.
Yes, powerpoint installed on the laptop. I have exactly the same versions of courselab and powerpoint on both machines.
Quite strange... Please send us exact laptop configuration (operation system etc.) - we will try to model that.

Laptop configuration is as follows:

1.6GhZ Intel Pentium Dual-Core
1Gb Ram
Windows XP Professional with SP2

Please let me know if you need more information.

Many thanks
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