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Docebo 3.5rc2 LMS Compatibility: error box
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Hi, I'm a Docebo user and actually I'm testing the 3.5rc2 version.
I used your LMS Quick Test piece to test the Lms and the system reported me, in the scorm player, this error box
"TypeError: xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("status").item(0) has non properties". And the system is blocked!

My configuration is:
* Docebo 3.5rc2
* Apache/1.3.33 (Win32)
* mysql: 4.1.9
* php: 4.3.10

What do you think about? [:confused:]
I tried a web installation of docebo and the error message, with the LMS_Quick_Test has changed.

On the web the error box message now is:
"<doc><SCO><visits>05</visits><objects/><objectives><o id=\"total\"max=\"100\"min\"0\"raw=\"100\"scaled=\"1\"ss=\"u\"cs=\"n\"desc=\"\"
module=\"yes\">s id=\"s1\"raw=\"100\"</o></objectives><interactions/></SCO></doc>"
General exception

The web configuration is:
- PHP Version 4.4.7
- System Linux
- MySQL 4.1.20
- Firefox

[:confused:] [:confused:]
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