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Docebo 3.5rc2 LMS Compatibility: error box
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Hi, I'm a Docebo user and actually I'm testing the 3.5rc2 version.
I used your LMS Quick Test piece to test the Lms and the system reported me, in the scorm player, this error box
"TypeError: xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("status").item(0) has non properties". And the system is blocked!

My configuration is:
* Docebo 3.5rc2
* Apache/1.3.33 (Win32)
* mysql: 4.1.9
* php: 4.3.10

What do you think about? [:confused:]
Hi, Raffaele!

This message is apparently from Docebo (SCORM API?) - not CourseLab, since we are not using such variables. But perhaps it would be better to use newer CourseLab version (LMS Quick Test is built with old CourseLab 2.2). Though there are no significant changes in SCORM part of CourseLab runtime...
Hi Slav,
thanks for your answer. I converted the LMS Quick Test file source with CourseLab 2.3 (that's the version I actually use) but the problem was still present.
I send a message in the docebo forum (http://www.docebo.org/doceboCms/forum/10_2/message/idThread_2779/EXE_LEARNING_e_DOCEBO.html) and Carlo Erba (Docebo Staff) told me he is in contact with you to solve this problem with the rc2 version.
So I hope, because Docebo and CourseLab are great elearning tools.
You're doing a great job![:)]
Hi Slav,
Docebo Staff has released the Docebo version and I'm happy to say that it's compliant with CourseLab. I tested it in IE6 and FFox2 and I think that I'll do good thinks ;-)

Merry Christmas and thank you again
Hi, Raffaele!
We are glad too [:)]. We also got message from Claudio Erba (from Docebo team) about that and placed the news here on the site.

Thank you and thanks to Claudio!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I have a question about compatibility with Docebo with Firefox. I report the same error of Raffaele under Firefox, while under IE7 i experience another problem (already signaled to Docebo). It would be nice if u could get in touch with Docebo community, as by now there is no full compatibility (or please explain under which conditions). Thank you,
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